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November 2017 E-Newletter: Talk is Cheap – and Priceless.

People say talk is cheap, but for babies, talk is priceless. Talking with babies has been shown to have an amazing impact on the growth of their brains and development of language, key to their future success in school and in life. And, unlike products that are advertised to parents as critical to making their babies smart, talking is free!

Read about this and get the latest update on great things happening for families across the state in the November E-newsletter.


October 2017 E-newsletter: Growing Alaska readers

Thousands of parents, a group of generous supporters, and dedicated volunteers have one thing in common: they are on the front line of inspiring young Alaskans to become life-long readers.

Statewide survey results are in and Imagination Library is making a big difference for Alaska families. To keep the books coming to those families, the 3rd Annual First Ladies’ Tea raised funds in support of Imagination Library. In Anchorage, volunteers continue to encourage literacy-rich family connections through free family events.

It’s all here in the October 2017 E-newsletter.


Laying the foundation for school success

About 10,000 Alaska children are entering school this fall, for the first time, as kindergartners. We wish them the very best start to a successful school career! It’s positive interactions between babies and caring adults that help set the foundation for the first day of school. Yes, it starts with babies. In addition to reading with their baby every day, parents can do lots of things in their busy days to help their baby’s brain and body grow and develop. For good ideas for activities using everyday materials, click here.