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Old and New Favorite Picture Books

See how engaged this little boy is in one of Mo Willems’ books? He’s on his way to becoming a good reader! I love children’s books, too, especially picture books. Some favorites of my crowd of 6-and-under grandchildren these days are books that delight and engage adult readers as well: Any of the Elephant and Piggie books by Mo Willems, but especially I Really Like Slop   Learn More »

Sort, Classify, and Organize Objects

Shapes are everywhere! Help young children recognize them and learn their names (oval, cylinder, triangle). Look for shapes and talk about them. “Eat the cereal in your ROUND bowl.” or “What shape are the windows in that house?” #ARISEKPrep

This post is part of the ARISE kindergarten preparedness strategic action team initiative. Find out more at


Words Count!

Read. Talk. Sing. Play. WORDS COUNT when it comes to a young child’s rapidly screen-shot-2016-11-18-at-10-07-17-amdeveloping brain.

The quantity of words is important. Equally important is the quality of those words! Read on for some good ideas to make your WORDS COUNT every day.