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Strength & Coordination of Small Motor Muscles

Stringing objects develops eye-hand coordination and fine motor control. Wrap tape around one end of a piece of string to make a “needle” and let children string beads to make their own necklaces. #ARISEKPrep.
This post by the CITC Early Head Start team is part of the ARISE kindergarten preparedness strategic action team initiative. Find out more about this month’s theme at

Words Count!

Read. Talk. Sing. Play. WORDS COUNT when it comes to a young child’s rapidly screen-shot-2016-11-18-at-10-07-17-amdeveloping brain.

The quantity of words is important. Equally important is the quality of those words! Read on for some good ideas to make your WORDS COUNT every day.

Science, Babies, and Families – a Winning Combination

You’ve probably heard people say babies are like blank slates, just waiting to be filled up with knowledge. I thought that, too, until our first baby was born. It became pretty obvious quite soon that this tiny creature was already making a big impact on her world. We were at her beck and call – meeting her needs when she let us know she was hungry, wet, tired, or ready for cuddles and playful Learn More »