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Media and Young Children Today

It wasn’t that long ago when “screen time” meant time spent watching television – parents were advised to set limits on how much time a child spent sitting in front of a TV and not to put a TV in a child’s bedroom. These days it’s far more complicated. TV is still a player, butLearn More »

Best Beginnings Impact Report 2017

Last year, Best Beginnings worked with many committed Alaskans to grow readers, build strong families, and engage community to ensure Alaska children begin school ready to succeed! That’s just the beginning of the story. Take a look at Best Beginnings’ Impact Report for all the exciting details!


Give Great Books to Kids on Your Holiday List

The holiday season is gift-giving time for many families with young children. While we often spend a lot of effort deciding which toy a special child might enjoy, books are also a wonderful gift for that child! Here are some ideas for you about matching books with children’s ages and a fabulous list of suggestionsLearn More »