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Science, Babies, and Families – a Winning Combination

You’ve probably heard people say babies are like blank slates, just waiting to be filled up with knowledge. I thought that, too, until our first baby was born. It became pretty obvious quite soon that this tiny creature was already making a big impact on her world. We were at her beck and call – meeting her needs when she let us know she was hungry, wet, tired, or ready for cuddles and playful Learn More »

We Are Hiring!

Join our team! Best Beginnings is hiring a part-time Projects Manager.

The Projects Manager provides management, support, and coordination for the 90% by 2020 Kindergarten Ready Collaborative Action Network as well as administrative support for Best Beginnings.

Resumes will be accepted until July 8, 2016. Check out the job description for more information.


The connection between early literacy and incarceration

The rumor was false but the connection was real. In our guest blog, educator Stan Lujan tackles the connection between Alaskans in prison and literacy. As Stan notes in his testimony to the House Finance Committee, prison planners do not look to reading scores to predict how many prison beds they’ll need. But the connection is stark. Editor’s note: In testimony to the Alaska House Finance Learn More »