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The connection between early literacy and incarceration

The rumor was false but the connection was real. In our guest blog, educator Stan Lujan tackles the connection between Alaskans in prison and literacy. As Stan notes in his testimony to the House Finance Committee, prison planners do not look to reading scores to predict how many prison beds they’ll need. But the connection is stark. Editor’s note: In testimony to the Alaska House Finance Learn More »

Alaskans speak out!

IMG_2354Best Beginnings’ Abbe Hensley delivered messages from 300 Alaskans to Representative Steve Thompson (R-Fairbanks). The messages all support state investment in early learning: PreK grants, Parents as Teachers, and Best Beginnings. Rep. Thompson co-chairs the House Finance Committee. Thanks to the many hundreds of people who took the time to let legislators know their opinions about the value of early learning!


GO BLUE! April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month

There are lots of tools parents and other adults can use to prevent child abuse. One of the most important is to develop their own resilience, to better cope with stresses of daily life. And when children learn how to be resilient themselves, they’re equipped to overcome adversity, an inevitable part of life. Check out these 10 tips to set you and your child on the path to resilience. Alaska Children’s Trust also has posters you can print at home that illustrate some of the tips.

Words Count

Words-Count-logoDiscover creative ways to talk, sing, read, and play with your children every day. Learn more about Words Count, watch the video, and get and share great ideas on our Facebook page!