How you can champion early learning in the workplace

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In states and communities where early learning efforts have been successful, there are strong partnerships between government, the private sector, nonprofits, faith leaders, families, caregivers, and community institutions such as libraries, parks, and schools.

And it’s not just CEOs speaking out about the need for business leaders. It’s small business owners, mid-sized employers – the business community across the country.

Here are a few ways businesses can champion the cause of early learning.

What you can do in the workplace
  • Recognize, honor and reward employees who volunteer to provide or improve early childhood programs and services.
  • Offer employees access to online parenting information and resources through your internal website and HR system.
  • Model and publicize best practices in workplace flexibility and supports for working parents and caregivers.
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What you can do in the community
  • Publicize parent education, family support, early care, and education programs.
  • Provide in-kind support to local early childhood health, education, and family support programs.
  • Inform the public about the importance of the early years in company ads, promotions, and products.
  • Communicate concern about the importance of early learning and literacy to policy makers and the media.
  • Serve on community early childhood planning and public policy committees or boards of early childhood groups.
  • Honor state and community leaders and organizations that make a difference for young children and their families.
  • Sponsor community forums on early childhood topics such the relationship between economic development and early childhood and parenting programs that work.
  • Make your support known to elected officials that early learning is an economic development strategy, and should be approached that way in the State Legislature.
What you can do with your customers
  • Inform customers about the importance of the first years of life and provide parenting information using existing communication vehicles such as receipts, bill stuffers and point of purchase.
  • Sponsor parenting seminars in the community or in your stores, branches or offices.
What you can do in your industry
  • Include information in trade and professional publications, Web sites and conferences about the importance of the early years to current and future national, state, local and business economic success and what business leaders can do to share this information with policy makers.
  • Work with community partners (nonprofits, service providers,government, media, philanthropy, faith communities, schools, libraries, unions, etc.) to expand and improve health services, early care and education, and family support/parent education programs for families with young children.
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