Engage Business

Engage Business

The business world and our economy have a huge stake in tomorrow’s work force. Quality early learning is essential to both.

When children are prepared for school they are far more likely to have the skills employers need, contribute to a thriving economy, and provide the highly trained work force essential to compete in the global economy. Yet too many Alaska children enter school unprepared.*

Economists and national business leaders agree the most important step a state can make to strengthen its economy is to invest in early learning. It won’t be easy, but we can start by reframing the paradigm for success to define early learning as an economic investment – an investment with exponential returns.

Promoting good parenting is good business

For business leaders concerned about the quality of the future work force and the communities in which they live, promoting good parenting is good business. View video PSAs by Alaska business leaders >>

Our entire nation’s economic health and societal well-being are significantly enhanced when parents have the tools they need to help their kids start school prepared to learn, develop the social skills necessary to pay attention and work in teams, and grow up to be productive adults.

Partnership for America’s Economic Success explores “Parenting Education is Economic Development” in brief, as well as in the full report, “Developmental and Economic Effects of Parenting Programs for Expectant Parents and Parents of Preschool-age Children.”

Alaska businesses are taking this issue on as their own. Read about how and why Credit Union 1 established a high quality on-site child care center. Each August, Credit Union 1 invites their patrons to donate to Best Beginnings right at their counters, raising valuable funds for early childhood.

Alaska businesses are adopting family-friendly policies in other ways, too, many of them recognized through annual awards in Anchorage, Fairbanks and Juneau. There are myriad ways company managers and business leaders can champion early learning in the workplace.

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