Let’s Thank Legislators Now!

The FY 2018 State operating budget has been adopted by the Legislature – and there is good news! The budget includes $320,000 for Best Beginnings, $2 million for PreK Grants, and $500,000 for Parents as Teachers . This funding is the same as last year’s.

While the budget passed both the House and the Senate, Republican Senator Shelley Hughes of Palmer and these House Republicans voted against the budget deal: Reps. David Eastman of Wasilla, DeLena Johnson of Palmer, Mark Neuman of Big Lake, George Rauscher of Sutton, Lora Reinbold of Eagle River, Colleen Sullivan-Leonard of Wasilla, Cathy Tilton of Wasilla, and Tammie Wilson of North Pole.

Please take a few minutes to thank members of the conference committee on the operating budget, legislative leadership, and your own legislators. You’ll find contact information below.

Conference Committee                                      866-465-4453                                    800-861-5688                                                 800-597-3707                                800-665-2689                                 800-478-3789                                                  888-478-3438

You may also want to contact these leaders in the House and Senate with the same message.

House Leadership                                              800-898-4451                                                     866-465-2095

Senate Leadership                                                 877-665-3709                                         800-964-5733

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Here’s some information that will be helpful as you reach out to legislators.

Find Alaska Legislators 

Questions? Send an email to

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