StoryTRACKS Book Activity for Tracks in the Snow

StoryTRACKSBOOK TITLE: Tracks in the Snow
AUTHOR: Wong Herbert Yee

SUMMARY OF BOOK: A young girl discovers tracks in the snow. Curious, she follows them, encountering assorted animals
along the way. “Who made the tracks? Where do they go?” Follow the gentle rhyming story to the surprise ending. Download this Activity Sheet in PDF.


Ask questions and use what the child already knows to add to the discussion, assisting the child in understanding and enjoying the book.

  1. Talk about the cover of the book: “What animals do you see? Would they make tracks in the snow?”
  2. Look around where you are: are there tracks on the ground, animals nearby, marks and evidence of animals or people who’ve been there?
  3. Talk about the difference between fresh snow and tracked-up snow. Look around you for examples.


  1. Spend time with the pictures: What is the girl putting on to go outside? Do we cross a bridge, see birdhouses?
  2. When the little girl sees the dirt pile and wonders if it’s a hippopotamus, look around. “What can you see that may look like something else?”
  3. Encourage your child to find details he wants to pay attention to. “What other animal do you see in the picture? What could have made the tracks?”
  4. Talk about the things the girl picks up, ask your child what things he might like to pick up along the way.
  5. Duplicate the girl’s movements: skip, slip-slide, tramp-stamp. Add movements of your own.
  6. Relate to your child’s experience: “Have you ever found/lost a mitten? Gotten cold in the snow?”


  1. “Was the ending a surprise?” Laugh along with the discovery.
  2. Make some tracks! Make a path and play hide-and-seek, follow tracks, imagine what could have made them.
  3. When you come back in from the snow, make some hot tea to warm up and relate it back to the book: “Remember the girl and the tracks in the snow and how she had tea afterwards?”
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