StoryTRACKS Book Activity for Time to Sleep

StoryTRACKSBOOK TITLE: Time to Sleep
AUTHOR: Denise Fleming

SUMMARY OF BOOK: Bear notices that winter is coming and it’s time to hibernate in his cave, but first he tells Snail, who tells Skunk, who tells Turtle…. The news circles around until it get back all the way to a sleeping … Bear! Download this Activity Sheet in PDF.


Ask questions and use what the child already knows to add to the discussion, assisting the child in understanding and enjoying the book.

  1. Stop and ask your child what season we’re in right now. How can she tell? What is she noticing? (temperature, colors, plants, smells?)
  2. Talk about what people do in different seasons and how we get ready for the changes. “What do we do to get ready for winter? for summer?”
  3. Together, try to imagine what animals must do to get ready for winter.


  1. Spend time with the pictures: Notice the colors, how the view moves in close on tiny things. What does your child notice?
  2. As you walk along, look around to see if the changes the animals are noticing are ones your child can see, too.
  3. Try making the sounds the book mentions: rumbling, scritch, scratch; muttering, snoring, grumbling.
  4. There are some vivid words in this story: slithering, “on a ramble,” trudged, “burrow down,” perched. Introduce them to your child
  5. It’s funny when Ladybug wakes up Bear to tell him to go to sleep! Has this ever happened in your family?


  1. When you go on family outings, relate it back to the book: “What’s happening to get ready for the season? Do we hear the geese or see the frost?”
  2. Try to use any of the new words this book introduced: “Can you burrow down under your covers? Perch at the top of the stairs?”
  3. Take a walk and see if you can come up with other things the animals might notice, other creatures getting ready.
  4. What things can people use to keep track of the seasons? (a calendar, a thermometer) What does your family use?
  5. When your family says Good Night, say Good Night to Bug, Bear, Ladybug, and all the rest, too!
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