StoryTRACKS, our very own “picture books on parade,” is a great way to combine families reading together, physical activity, and Alaska’s beautiful outdoors.

Imagine a path lined with sign posts, and on each sign is a page from a children’s picture book. As your family moves along – walking, biking, strolling – you and your children can read the story. Reading, nature, and healthy activity – combined!

With the support of a challenge grant from the Anchorage Park Foundation, ten picture books will be placed on signs. The first, We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, launched on July 11, 2013. Check out this APRN story and this short iMovie of the event.

How to Reserve a StoryTRACKS Set:
Individuals and groups can check out a StoryTRACKS set for events, block parties, park activities, etc. Sets (story panels plus stakes) may not be left unattended, and must be supervised by the organizing group to minimize vandalism or theft. Although borrowing is free, a credit card will be charged should any damage or loss occur.

Reservations can be made by clicking HERE.

StoryTRACKS reinforce the message of Babies on Track and how to encourage our children’s verbal development: Talk, Respond, Ask questions, Connect, Keep at it, and Sing and tell stories. For more activities your family can do outdoors, visit Exploring Nature on this website.

Activity Sheets for the StoryTRACKS Titles – extend the activity at home!
The Listening Walk
Silly Sally
Up, Down and Around
We’re Going on a Bear Hunt
Time to Sleep
How the Crane Got Its Blue Eyes
If You’re Happy and You Know It!
Tracks in the Snow
The Jacket I Wear in the Snow

Thank you to our donors!
Anchorage Park Foundation
Blaines Art
Eagle Enterprises
Barnes & Noble
Stake Shop

To support the work of Best Beginnings and this project, you may make a donation here »

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