Early Childhood Partnerships

Early Childhood PartnershipsCommunity involvement is essential to helping families prepare their children to succeed. Here’s why: All young children have the same basic needs. But their needs can be met in different ways, depending on community values, resources, interests, and cultures. Local parents, citizens, and organizations are in the best position to identify what the children in their towns need and how to meet those needs.

Best Beginnings supports early childhood partnerships all over Alaska. In addition to identifying needs, resources, and opportunities, these partnerships work to improve coordination of programs and services and promote more effective and efficient use of resources. They focus on four areas: Parent engagement and education, community support for early childhood, language and literacy, partnership development and sustainability.

Best Beginnings’ work with early childhood partnerships has been made possible by grants from the State of Alaska along with local donations and support.

To learn more or start a partnership where you live, contact  admin@bestbeginningsalaska.org.

Connect with a local partnership 

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