Babies on Track

Babies on Track Video and Baby Board Books

Best Beginnings has produced Babies on Track, a 14-minute DVD for parents, accompanied by two baby board books:

  • Our Alaska Family (photographs of baby faces)
  • Let’s Talk Alaska! (Alaska objects).

Using delightful images of Alaska babies on location around the state, the video and books foster early learning and healthy brain development at home in easy, convenient ways. The film and books are especially valuable for families with new babies or babies under 2 years of age. View a preview (1:30).

  • Babies on Track DVD & Book Sets are now available for sale. Learn More >>
  • Parent educators can receive complimentary copies of Babies on Track sets for their client families by becoming a Babies on Track Team.
Helping our Babies Get On Track

Babies on TrackThe fundamental principle behind Babies on Track is that the baby brain grows more in its earliest years – before 3 years old – than at any other time in human life. It’s also the time when language is taking shape in babies’ brains. Talking, conversation, singing, and other forms of interaction are critical in this period.

  • T = Talk
  • R = Respond
  • A = Ask questions
  • C = Connect
  • K = Keep at it
  • S = Sing and tell stories

The more parents talk with their babies and children – the more conversation and interaction that occur – the easier it is for babies to pick up language later. They have larger vocabularies, and they’re ready for kindergarten by age 5.

Handouts For Families 

Our website has many additional activities for young children, arranged by age, beginning at birth, which can be viewed and printed. The following handouts cover ways to get the most of your board books, with some extra tips on building your child’s communication skills:

Thank you to our donors

The Babies on Track books were made possible by grants from the Alaska Children’s Trust, The CIRI Foundation, and ConocoPhillips Alaska. The DVD was supported by contributions from the Alaska Department of Education & Early Development and Alyeska Pipeline Service Company. Both are productions of Affinityfilms, Inc.

Babies on Track Launched with Statewide Premiere Events

All across Alaska, volunteer hosts rolled out the red carpet, Feb. 25 – March 4, 2012, to launch the video and distribute free copies of the video-and-book sets. Hospitals, libraries, child care providers, employer groups – even grandpas – scheduled premieres and made plans to gather and inform families.

Here’s a sampling of stories and a video montage collected from these very creative, locally organized events.

Making Tracks Across Alaska

Since launching in 2012, Best Beginnings has distributed nearly 8,000 Babies on Track sets. Discover how folks around the state are using them!

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