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From the very beginnings of the Imagination Library, various evaluations have measured how effective it is in improving a child’s readiness for learning to read. Most studies have identified the positive impacts on:

  • Frequency of parents reading to children
  • Numbers of books in the home
  • Children’s scores on kindergarten assessments
  • Children’s scores on third grade reading tests

Now, as the program has been in place for a longer time, we have the first reports of better performance on third grade reading tests. Read more »

Alaska Imagination Library Evaluation Positive

Best Beginnings is fortunate to have developed a relationship with two University of Alaska Anchorage professors enthusiastic about evaluating the impact of Imagination Library in Alaska. Hilary Seitz, Ph.D., and Robert Capuozzo, Ph.D., designed surveys to record family reading habits before books began arriving and after one year of receiving monthly books.

The second year of evaluation corroborated results obtained after the first year: all indicators speak to the positive effect of Imagination Library in our children’s homes.

Alaska children enrolled in Imagination Library for at least one year are more enthusiastic about reading, are read to more often, are perceived by parents to be better prepared for kindergarten, and live in homes with more children’s books.

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