Imagination Library Book Activity for Where’s My T-R-U-C-K?

Dolly Parton’s Imagination LibraryBOOK TITLE: Where’s My T-R-U-C-K?
AUTHOR: Karen Beaumont

SUMMARY OF BOOK: Tommy can’t find his favorite red truck and searches everywhere for it. His family offers substitutes, but Tommy wants his truck! Download this Activity Sheet in PDF.


Ask questions and use what the child already knows to add to the discussion, assisting the child in understanding and enjoying the book.

  1. Look at the cover and talk about what you see: “What do you think this story will be about?”
  2. Take a picture walk through the book: “Where is Tommy looking now? What’s happening?”
  3. “What’s your favorite toy? Where would you look if you couldn’t find it?”


  1. The pictures are very rich with lots of detail. Ask your child to describe what’s going on, what he sees — toys, colors, shapes.
  2. The faces in the pictures show lots of emotion. “What is he feeling here? How can you tell?”
  3. Relate to your child’s experience: “Have you ever lost something that you really loved? How did you feel? Where did you look for it?”
  4. “Where do you think Tommy should look next?”
  5. In each picture: “What are the cat and dog up to?”
  6. Pay attention to the rhyme. Try pausing before the second rhyming word to have your child anticipate and say it.


  1. Have your child pick out a favorite toy for you to hide. She should look all over, just like Tommy. Try reversing roles, and she hides something of yours.
  2. Next time something is lost, relate it back to this story, getting ideas of where to look.

Compliments of: Alaska Department of Education & Early Development
Created by: Students at the University of Alaska Anchorage

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