Imagination Library Book Activity for One Foot, Two Feet

Dolly Parton’s Imagination LibraryBOOK TITLE: One Foot, Two Feet
AUTHOR: Peter Maloney & Felicia Zekauskas

SUMMARY OF BOOK: An EXCEPTIONal counting book showing how multiples of an object may get a different name (why we say feet instead of foots). It displays a single object with a window to the next page showing a group of the same object. The book has lots of action on the pages for small eyes to search out, too. Download this Activity Sheet in PDF.


Ask questions and use what the child already knows to add to the discussion, assisting the child in understanding and enjoying the book.

  1. Look at the title and both covers of the book together: “Do you think this book will be about feet or what?”
  2. “Look at the pattern on his pajamas. What’s the special airplane doing?”
  3. “Why might the child have a bandage on his left foot?”


  1. After a few pages: “Do you notice a pattern in the book? What is it?”
  2. Have your child try anticipating the next number and then the next word before you turn the page.
  3. Look back at the recap of the numbers. “Can you count the groups with their group name?”
  4. You might try contrasting the group name with the simple plural: geese vs gooses, snowmen vs. snowmans.
  5. Have your child identify all the interesting details going on in the group illustrations.
  6. Your child can always identify the colors!


  1. Have a scavenger hunt for the children to find one object and then a group of the same object, especially ones that change their name.
  2. At home, in the grocery store, anytime: ask your child to point out the groups she sees and name them.
  3. When you encounter any objects from the book, remind your child about the book, and make connections back to reading it.

Compliments of: Alaska Department of Education & Early Development
Created by: Students at the University of Alaska Anchorage

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