Imagination Library Book Activity for My Farm Friends

Dolly Parton’s Imagination LibraryBOOK TITLE: My Farm Friends
AUTHOR: Wendell Minor

SUMMARY OF BOOK: This board book introduces farm animals (cows, pigs, roosters, etc.) with rhymes, humor, and “fun facts.” Download this Activity Sheet in PDF.

Ask questions and use what the child already knows to add to the discussion, assisting the child in understanding and enjoying the book.

  1. Talk about farm animals and whether your child has ever had experience with any (state fair, vacations, etc.).
  2. Talk about a farm, what happens on it, why the animals are there.
  3. Introduce your child to the features of a book: covers, pages, titles.


  1. With each animal, try reproducing the sounds they make.
  2. Read the Fun Facts in the back of the book and mention them as you read about that animal.
  3. Talk about the work the animals do, the foods they eat, what they do for fun, how they bathe.
  4. The book is full of comparisons: the rooster like an alarm clock, what they eat, how they sleep. Compare them with each other and with your child.
  5. Match up the animals with their parents.


  1. Sing farm animal songs like “Old MacDonald Had a Farm” with animals from the story … or new ones not in the book.
  2. When you come across animals from the book, make the connection with the book and your reading.
  3. You could make up names for the animals, put them in a little story.
  4. When your child does things (bathing, sitting on laps, chewing) remind him of the book and ask what animal did that.

Compliments of: Alaska Department of Education & Early Development
Created by: Students at the University of Alaska Anchorage

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