Imagination Library Book Activity for Look at the Animals

Dolly Parton’s Imagination LibraryBOOK TITLE: Look at the Animals
AUTHOR: Peter Linenthal

SUMMARY OF BOOK: This board book is designed with infants in mind. On each page there is a black and white picture of an animal with only a few words. The black and white images with the bright bold text are designed to stimulate and attract the baby’s developing eyes. Download this Activity Sheet in PDF.


Ask questions and use what the child already knows to add to the discussion, assisting the child in understanding and enjoying the book.

  1. Looking at the picture on the cover, what does the child think the story will be about?
  2. Let your child touch, open, page through the book.
  3. As you go through the book, point out each animal and say what it is.


  1. Point out the bright, bold words as you read them and point at the animals. Spend enough time on each page to let the child explore it and see the whole picture. An infant can look at one page up to one minute if she’s interested in it.
  2. As your child gets more familiar with the book, you can ask her to tell you what the different animals say or do.
  3. Try adding animation questions to your reading: “What do birds sound like when they sing?” “How do rabbits sniff?”


  1. Point out different animals when you see them outside. If your child has different stuffed animals, point them out, naming them and the sounds they make or the actions they perform: “Look at your fluffy bunny. Bunnies hop.”
  2. See if your child can invent other animals and actions to tell you.
  3. Older toddlers can paint or color their own versions of the animals.

Compliments of: Rasmuson Foundation
Created by: Students at the University of Alaska Anchorage

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