Best Beginnings Impact Report 2017

Last year, Best Beginnings worked with many committed Alaskans to grow readers, build strong families, and engage community to ensure Alaska children begin school ready to succeed! That’s just the beginning of the story. Take a look at Best Beginnings’ Impact Report for all the exciting details!

November 2017 E-Newletter: Talk is Cheap – and Priceless.

People say talk is cheap, but for babies, talk is priceless. Talking with babies has been shown to have an amazing impact on the growth of their brains and development of language, key to their future success in school and in life. And, unlike products that are advertised to parents as critical to making their babiesLearn More »

October 2017 E-newsletter: Growing Alaska readers

Thousands of parents, a group of generous supporters, and dedicated volunteers have one thing in common: they are on the front line of inspiring young Alaskans to become life-long readers. Statewide survey results are in and Imagination Library is making a big difference for Alaska families. To keep the books coming to those families, the 3rd Annual FirstLearn More »

Laying the foundation for school success

About 10,000 Alaska children are entering school this fall, for the first time, as kindergartners. We wish them the very best start to a successful school career! It’s positive interactions between babies and caring adults that help set the foundation for the first day of school. Yes, it starts with babies. In addition to readingLearn More »

Book Party in the Park 2017

FREE Books and Family Fun Join Best Beginnings for an event that celebrates the importance of literacy and language! We invite you to thread’s 11th Annual Book Party in the Park on August 10th from 4-7 pm. Children of all ages will have access to FREE books, live music, snacks, crafts, multilingual story-time, and otherLearn More »

Words Count!

Read. Talk. Sing. Play. WORDS COUNT when it comes to a young child’s rapidly developing brain. The quantity of words is important. Equally important is the quality of those words! Read on for some good ideas to make your WORDS COUNT every day.

Words Count

Discover creative ways to talk, sing, read, and play with your children every day. Learn more about Words Count, watch the video, and get and share great ideas on our Facebook page!

Best Beginnings Report to Alaskans

Our newest publication – Success in life. It starts here. – is now available online.  We’re especially proud of this report because it shows and tells, with strong graphics and clear language, what Best Beginnings is doing, why it matters, and how it is succeeding. Take a look!

Summer ideal for StoryTRACKS

StoryTRACKS is a great way to combine family reading, physical activity, and Alaska’s beautiful outdoors. Imagine a path lined with sign posts, and on each is a page from a children’s picture book. As you move along—walking, biking, strolling—you and your children read the story together. Reading, nature, and healthy activity—combined.

Mat-Su partners take cooperation to a higher level

Cooperation is a lot more than a nice idea in the valley. Members of the Early Childhood Partnership of Mat-Su have taken the concept and run with it. By working together, they are reaching more families in more ways and serving as a statewide model for just how effective partnerships can be. Learn more aboutLearn More »

Quality early care and learning

Over the next few months, a series of gatherings for parents, early childhood professionals, and others will get under way as work resumes to establish a Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS) in Alaska. The long term result: clear standards, better consumer information, and incentives for providers to improve. Here’s more about this statewide effort.

The wonder of wordless books

Books without words encourage parents and children to use their imaginations in telling a story around the pictures. Since there’s no temptation to stick to the script, parent and child can change the story, make up words, and personalize it. Check out these hints and recommendations.

Language gap starts in infancy, study finds

The quality and quantity of verbal interactions between parent and baby show up even earlier than previously thought, according to a new Stanford study. Low-income children show achievement gaps in language development as early as 18 months. Learn more »

Imagination Library linked to school performance

Scientific studies are beginning to confirm what we have always suspected about Imagination Library: Participating children perform better on kindergarten assessments, and the earlier they’re enrolled – the longer they’ve received books – the better. Read more »

Sane voices on a hot topic: digital media and early learning

Television is still a huge part of children’s daily lives. And now digital media poses all sorts of new questions and challenges. How to make sense of it all? A science roundtable organized by the New America Foundation offers great advice on managing digital media for young children. Answers here.

Build baby brain at grocery store

Dreading a trip to the grocery store with a small child? It’s actually a great opportunity to build a baby brain. 7 Ways to Build Your Baby’s Brain at the Grocery Store | The Urban Child Institute. Check out our Babies on Track for a video – and really cute companion baby books – forLearn More »