Growing Brains

Young child playing with a calculator

Did you know that although formal schooling usually begins about age 5, critical brain development occurs before then? That’s why early learning is so essential.

By helping young children develop stronger, more extensive brain cell connections, we create smarter, more productive kids, and ultimately a more prosperous community. Here are a few tips on what you can do to support your child’s brain development.

  • Encourage hands-on experiences. Nothing builds a brain better than experiencing something first hand. View video
  • Children learn through repetition. View video
  • Stimulate young minds. Talk, play, and read to your child every day.
  • Do activities that engage your child. Ones that include touching, talking, listening, tasting, smelling, singing, looking, and playing.
  • Implement variety. Frequent new experiences and challenges “feed” the brain and enhance its growth.
  • Let your toddler finish sentences for you. Ask him questions about the story.  Find new words to help him describe what he sees.
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