Yup’ik Early Learning Activities

Mikelnguut Ayagmek Elluarrluki Anglivkallrat Yupik Cards

Best Beginnings has just published Yup’ik-language Activity Cards as another resource for families. The cards include Yup’ik on one side and English on the other, as well as brand new activities.

Like the Activity Guides (which are Yup’ik only), they contain fun, culturally relevant activities to help babies’ brains grow in ways that will help them succeed in school and in life.

There are three guYupik Preschool Activity Guideides and card sets, one for each of three age ranges: Infant (birth to 18 months), Toddler (18 months to 3 years), and Preschooler (ages 3 to 5). They are free of charge, and can be ordered by calling (907) 297-3300 or by completing a Guide Request Form or Card Request Form.

All activities described in the materials are based on the Alaska’s Early Learning Guidelines, developed by the Alaska Department of Education and Early Development and the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services.

They are designed to assist parents, and other adults who work with babies and young children, in understanding child development. The activities are geared to specific developmental stages.

Activities for the Yup’ik version were reviewed by Yup’ik educators for cultural relevance, with many new activities added and others modified or exchanged. All translations were done by Marie Meade, a Yup’ik translator originally from Nunapitchuk who now lives in Anchorage.

Yupik Cover Both resources were funded by grants from the Alaska Children’s Trust and the Alaska Department of Education and Early Development, with additional support from BP and ConocoPhillips Alaska.

Suggested activities in multiple languages are posted regularly and appear below.

“Brain under construction!” posters promoting the Yup’ik-language Activity Guides are available in English/Yup’ik. CLICK HERE to print your own.

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