Babies on Track DVD & Baby Board Book Sets

Babies on Track DVD & Baby Board Book Sets
Babies on Track is a 14-minute DVD for parents, produced by Best Beginnings and accompanied by two baby board books.

Parents’ interactions with babies during everyday activities help them learn language, sounds, and social skills. Using delightful images of Alaska babies on location around the state, the video and books foster early learning and healthy brain development at home in easy, convenient ways. View a preview (1:30).

The DVD comes with two companion baby board books, one with Alaska objects (Let’s Talk Alaska!) and the other with Alaska baby faces (Our Alaska Family), and is now available for purchase. Download free handouts for families.

Cost: $15.00
Order online or call (907) 297-3300.

Parent educators can receive complimentary copies of Babies on Track sets for their client families by becoming a Babies on Track Team.

ALERT: For orders larger than 18 or for retail outlet purchases, Email Best Beginnings or call (907) 297-3300.

Multiple, International and Bulk Orders

Able to pick up in Anchorage? Click here to purchase the DVD and book sets online and pick them up in our office. Note: Please call 297-3300 to arrange a pick up time.

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If you wish to place an order and pay using a personal check, please download this printable order form. Print and mail this form, along with a check, to Best Beginnings (address is on the form).

Babies on Track

Helping our Babies Get On Track

The fundamental principle behind Babies on Track is that the baby brain grows more in its earliest years – before 3 years old – than at any other time in human life. It’s also the time when language is taking shape in their brains.

The more parents talk and sing with their babies and children – the more conversation and interaction that occur – the easier it is for the baby to pick up language later. They have larger vocabularies, and they’re ready for kindergarten by age 5.

You can learn more about this project under What We Do.

Handouts For Families

The following handouts will help you get the most out of your board books, with some extra tips on building your child’s communication skills:

Our website has many additional activities for young children, arranged by age, beginning at birth, which can be viewed and printed.

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