Best Beginnings Logo Artwork

Best Beginnings Logo ArtworkBarbara Lavallee’s whimsical paintings depicting Alaska life have made her one of the most celebrated artists in Alaska. In addition to her beautiful prints, she has illustrated several children’s books including the popular “Mama, Do You Love Me?” and more recently, “Groucho’s Eyebrows.”

Barbara graciously allowed Best Beginnings to base our logo* on her original watercolor titled “Story Time,” published in a limited edition print by Artique, Ltd. in 1998. This artwork depicts what Alaskans desire to see – parents and young children engaged in reading and learning together. Reading or storytelling is a central subject of much of Barbara’s work.

About Barbara Lavallee

Barbara was born in Iowa and grew up in Wisconsin. Her mother was an art teacher and Barbara graduated from Wesleyan University with a bachelor’s degree in fine arts. A professional artist since 1976, Barbara developed her stylized figures by first working with silkscreen prints before turning to the watercolor medium.

After teaching art in Arizona on a Navajo Indian Reservation, she spent 12 years in Sitka, Alaska, as an art teacher at Mt. Edgecumbe Boarding School. She now lives in Anchorage.

Barbara’s interest in Alaska Native cultures and the Eskimo Olympics are evident in her work. Her paintings and limited edition prints also reflect her world of kids, cats, and everyday Alaska life. She especially enjoys painting women, who are usually depicted in bright colors doing things as diverse as picking berries, sitting in a hot tub, or doing aerobics.

*Please note: Best Beginnings’ logo may not be used or reproduced without permission. Contact

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