About Best Beginnings

About Best BeginningsBest Beginnings is a public-private partnership that mobilizes people and resources to ensure all Alaska children begin school ready to succeed through support from businesses, foundations, nonprofits, government, and individuals.

2015 Best Beginnings Update

Our work falls generally into three areas:
  • Because parents are their child’s first and most important teachers, Best Beginnings promotes early learning and literacy, family literacy, and education.
  • Because so many young children spend time in care away from home, Best Beginnings is a catalyst for high quality, affordable, accessible child care and early learning programs for all families who want them.
  • Because preparing all children for success in school has such profound implications for the state as a whole, Best Beginnings is accelerating a cultural shift of Alaskans’ expectations and priorities. We will know this cultural shift has taken root when Alaskans expect and insist on the investments required to finance and sustain early learning and literacy.
Best Beginnings key objectives:
  1. Parents and extended family are engaged in their children’s learning from birth on.
  2. Alaskans know that early learning and literacy are important to society.
  3. Alaskans understand that investments in early learning pay big dividends to the state as a whole.
  4. Sufficient funds are committed – from public and private sources – to ensure that every Alaska child has the opportunity to begin school ready to succeed.
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